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Contact details?

I would really love to keep in touch with everyone I met at THATCamp!  Can you share  your contact info so we can continue the collaborations and conversations? My details: Email: janaremyATgmail FaceBook: Jana Bouck Remy Twitter:  @janaremy History Blog … Continue reading

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Barbara Hui

Apologies for the lateness of my post! I’m generally interested in GIS in the humanities. Have been working on a project called Litmap in conjunction with my dissertation, which attempts to map literature, and which you can see (partially) here. … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Losh

Electronic portfolios are becoming increasingly important in contemporary digital universities, but they raise fundamental questions about curatorial education and the politics of access and appropriation. I’ve offered to talk specifically about a genre that many on the job market are … Continue reading

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James Smith

I’m working on two different topics: expert calibrated peer trust and developing a web-based application platform for digital humanities. My primary work is a general-purpose, web-based digital humanities platform–essentially Lego for DH.  This platform is being developed to support four … Continue reading

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Ronan Hallowell

I am interested in talking about digital tools for climate change education, scientific visualization and engaging storytelling/presentation. In particular I’m looking for ways to use digital media to increase dialogue between scientists, artists, scholars, business people, government officials, students and … Continue reading

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Melissa Grafe

I’m interested in several topics. I am thinking of creating a prosopography of contributors to an 18th century medical journal, and I’m interested in ways/tools to develop this database. I’m would also like to investigate teaching practices using digital humanities, … Continue reading

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Anne Cong-Huyen

I’m interested in the “vast narrative,” the “transmedia story,” or how different texts in various media can contribute to a larger cohesive narrative, and how these narratives can have particular relevance for activism or education (possibly for issues of labor … Continue reading

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Jackson Stakeman

I’d like to talk about digital pedagogy in higher education.  Like others I am also interested in Sophie, and other advancements in digital/technological humanities.  Additionally,  I’d like to talk about navigating between theory and practice in an academic setting.

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Kathleen Fitzpatrick

I’m hoping to spend some time talking about mechanisms for transforming peer review practices and understandings via open social publishing systems.  In October 2009, I published a draft of my book, Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the … Continue reading

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Judi Franz

I’m interested particularly in the use of technology for teaching and learning language and culture, but also in educational technology in more general terms. I have been trying to put together a curriculum for a certificate program on Technology in … Continue reading

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