Contact details?

I would really love to keep in touch with everyone I met at THATCamp!  Can you share  your contact info so we can continue the collaborations and conversations?

My details:

Email: janaremyATgmail

FaceBook: Jana Bouck Remy

Twitter:  @janaremy

History Blog & Podcast:

(I also blog bi-monthly at HistoryCompass)


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About Jana Remy

I just received my PhD History at UC Irvine. My interest in the digital humanities stems from my ongoing "side-projects" that began in 90s-era listservs, moved to the social web, and are now spurring me towards DH project development. I've been an avid participant and sometimes planner of several previous THATCamps, such as THATCampLA, THATCampLondon, THATCampSF and THATCampSoCal 2011.

3 Responses to Contact details?

  1. barbarahui says:

    Great idea! Here’s my 411:

    gmail: barbara.hui
    facebook: Barbara Hui
    twitter: @barbarahui (

  2. Anne Cong-Huyen says:

    And mine!
    gmail: anne.conghuyen
    facebook: Anne Cong-Huyen
    twitter: @anitaconchita
    unimpressive blog: (will probably eventually buy a domain name…)

  3. judifranz says:

    email: judi.franz at uci dot edu (or gmail is judifranz)
    facebook: Judi Franz
    twitter: @judifranz
    blog for my upcoming conference:

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