Elizabeth Losh

Electronic portfolios are becoming increasingly important in contemporary digital universities, but they raise fundamental questions about curatorial education and the politics of access and appropriation. I’ve offered to talk specifically about a genre that many on the job market are asked about: the teaching portfolio. I’ll also show a lot of examples for our discussion. But I think these issues are relevant to a range of situations from electronic portfolios for students to digital tenure review files for faculty.

Lately, as I plan an event in honor of the release of the Richard Rorty born digital archive with my UC Irvine colleague Erin Obodiac, I have been thinking about ways to theorize this in the digital humanities/critical theory conversation. I hope that THATcampers will attend the Rorty event on May 14th. The description of the event is here.

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3 Responses to Elizabeth Losh

  1. Anne Cong-Huyen says:

    Oh! I was at a presentation you made at UCSB a while back on professional online presence. This sounds like it will be equally helpful!

  2. janaremy says:

    Looking forward to your presentation, Liz!

  3. lizlosh says:

    Great! I posted my links here. I hope we can have a lively conversation about successes and failures!

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