Ronan Hallowell

I am interested in talking about digital tools for climate change education, scientific visualization and engaging storytelling/presentation. In particular I’m looking for ways to use digital media to increase dialogue between scientists, artists, scholars, business people, government officials, students and the general public to explore climate solutions.

I’m also interested in remix pedagogy as I will be teaching a course next year where we’ll be remixing a documentary.

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  1. edwardoneill says:

    Visualizing information and storytelling/presentation skills are very important to me in the context of changing undergraduate education so that our notions of “literacy” go beyond verbal skills and (basically) prose argumentation.

    Prose argumentation may be an effective synecdoche for other literacy skills, but there still has to be some transfer from one domain to the other.

    I’m also interested in the way technologies might help us extend conversations beyond the academy and professionalized forms of knowledge.

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