Judi Franz

I’m interested particularly in the use of technology for teaching and learning language and culture, but also in educational technology in more general terms. I have been trying to put together a curriculum for a certificate program on Technology in the Humanities for graduate students at UCI. I would like the program to provide an overview of how technology can be used in research, teaching, and publication (including multimedia), and get them started on building a professional digital portfolio. Lately I’ve been trying to learn more about mapping software and using it in conjunction with digital storytelling.

I’m looking forward to listening a lot and participating in some interesting conversations!

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  1. janaremy says:

    I’m looking forward to talking maps, multimedia and digital storytelling with you. Also, I can’t wait to hear abt your efforts with the Tech certification at UCI–I was wondering what had happened with that program.

    One question: what platform are you considering for hosting the digital portfolios?

  2. edwardoneill says:

    I was just consulting about an online course at USC about academic technology.

    We discussed organizing the course by tools and by concepts.

    The first is nicely concrete, but then as soon as you ask “What is social media?” or “is Quicktime the same kind of video tool as Youtube,” agreement breaks down.

    Perhaps there’s some nice way of moving between categories and examples–so types of uses and then concrete use cases, which always end up being six of one and half dozen of another.

  3. judifranz says:

    My issue with focusing on tools is that the tools change. My plan (so far) is to keep things more concept-oriented, or goal-oriented, giving me flexibility on which tools are the best for the job at that time. Of course, this brings up issues of having to keep up to date with tools (which can be a time suck), and how to find and select appropriate tools.

    In some ways, the most important tool is whatever connects with your personal learning network (in my case, Twitter).

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