Jackson Stakeman

I’d like to talk about digital pedagogy in higher education.  Like others I am also interested in Sophie, and other advancements in digital/technological humanities.  Additionally,  I’d like to talk about navigating between theory and practice in an academic setting.

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  1. edwardoneill says:

    I’d be interested in understanding more how digital pedagogy might be related to or distinguished from analog pedagogy–if that’s the term.

    My experience has been that pedagogy tends not to be foregrounded in most disciplines and departments, and that when new technology comes in, it becomes a strategic opportunity to foreground issues of pedagogy.

  2. edwardoneill says:

    What an interesting topic and project!

    I’d be curious about if you’ve found any ‘systematic bias’ in internet discussion towards either a bubble-effect of agreement or a ‘screed-effect’ of disparagement.

    It could be a ripe way of opening up thinking and discussion about the extent to which blind peer reviewing also has its own built-in biases.

    Instead of asking which is ‘better,’ we might be able to explore what an excellent system might be and do–so we had some meaningful yardstick for examining the existing options.

    Your post is already making me think….

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