James Smith

I’m working on two different topics: expert calibrated peer trust and developing a web-based application platform for digital humanities.

My primary work is a general-purpose, web-based digital humanities platform–essentially Lego for DH. ┬áThis platform is being developed to support four different DH projects this semester that together have a combination of bibliography, transcription, concordance, GIS, and general database tasks. ┬áThe goal is to develop a general methodology for mapping the traditional humanist “editorial statement” (within the context of a digital project) to an electronic description that can be used by the computer to help build the project. (I’ve started a tumblelog on the project for those interested in the nitty-gritty.)

The peer trust work is being done in the context of an instructional technology project, but it may be applicable in DH projects that employ crowd sourcing.

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3 Responses to James Smith

  1. dougdechow says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the Lego for DH project. Are you in a position to demo it?

  2. jgsmith says:

    If we have wireless, I can demo what I have at the moment. It’s still what I would consider alpha software — I’m still working through what the needed core features are and the proper overall semantics. That’s what this semesters projects are helping with, at least in part (while still getting production work done).

  3. thatcampsocal says:

    We should have solid wireless available, and have wired backup locations

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