Jana Remy

I’m interested in discussing Social Media, particularly as a means of facilitating scholarly collaboration and conversation.  I would also like to talk about mapping tools.

Note to the Blog Admin: Can you change the settings so comments don’t go into moderation–I think that will stymie the conversations that will evolve on our posts. Thanks for taking care of this!

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About Jana Remy

I just received my PhD History at UC Irvine. My interest in the digital humanities stems from my ongoing "side-projects" that began in 90s-era listservs, moved to the social web, and are now spurring me towards DH project development. I've been an avid participant and sometimes planner of several previous THATCamps, such as THATCampLA, THATCampLondon, THATCampSF and THATCampSoCal 2011.

4 Responses to Jana Remy

  1. thatcampsocal says:

    comments request noted, and fixed. Thanks, Jana.

  2. janaremy says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. edwardoneill says:

    Good topic. Are there any particular tools that you’re especially excited about–or annoyed with?

  4. janaremy says:

    I’m thinking a lot about Hypercities and GeoCommons right now (in addition to GoogleMaps/Earth). But really just barely getting my feet wet.

    I plan to learn Arc-GIS later this year.

    What about you?

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