Daniel Chamberlain

I am interested in talking a number of topics. ¬†One subject that would be valuable and timely for me would be to talk about open-access publishing, as I am involved in both a publishing platform at Occidental, <a href=”http://scholar.oxy.edu”>OxyScholar</a>, and in a nascent electronic journal designed to consider to powerful work being done in special collections around the country. ¬†Aside from this conversation, I also hope to talk about multimedia student projects, both how to encourage and evaluate such work; I am also more specifically interested in projects that incorporate multimedia and mobility, especially when they connect classrooms and field research.

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About Daniel Chamberlain

I teach critical media studies classes, run a digital scholarship center at Occidental, and research intersections of emergent media technologies and urban space.

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  1. edwardoneill says:

    I’d love to hear more about scholar.oxy.edu.

    As you know, I’ve done a lot of work using student multimedia production. People are often fearful of the evaluation question, so it’s a good one to address. My position has always been: the same kind of criteria apply as to other types of work–but maybe that needs to be scrutinized.

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