Holly Willis

I’d like to talk about a free, open source software application called Sophie, which is designed to support media-rich authoring. I’d like to do this in the context of a broader discussion/viewing of online texts that consider design, kinetic typography, database aesthetics, interface and motion graphics as forms of – potentially – scholarly communication. Finally, all of this relates to Sophie, and notions of composing in spatial and temporal modes, where the book meets video…

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2 Responses to Holly Willis

  1. kfitz says:

    Very much looking forward to this, Holly — I’ve been using Sophie 1 in my digital media studies classes, and am excited about seeing what Sophie 2 can do!

  2. edwardoneill says:

    This all sounds great. The idea of interrogating what scholarly communication is–that strikes me as a very rich and powerful question.

    And the phrase “where the books meets video” is very resonant!

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